…learning about reasoning and arguments (which is actually really fun). I enjoyed the positive and enthusiastic environment that was created by both the students and the teachers/advisors.
I have used [argument mapping] in reading arguments and better understanding the reasoning that people use. It has also come up in writing essays…

I learned the importance of analyzing an argument. Being argumentative is such a common practice, but it was unbelievable to see how much I was able to add and how much I could remove to build an even stronger argument. Just through critical analysis, I could improve my essay writing, my debating, and my simple conversations to make them more powerful and convincing.”
“I have not since written an essay without first planning out my argument to see if I was able to strengthen it or add to it. Also, I’ve been able to deconstruct the opposing arguments in all class debates just through logic alone.

The exciting programming of ThinkerAnalytix involves our students in lively, rigorous conversation about issues that matter significantly to them, in a framework that encourages their emotional investment while simultaneously helping them learn the logic of ethical argumentation. Our students’ engagement with ThinkerAnalytix is a high point of each summer that they spend on Harvard’s campus.

When students learn argument mapping skills, they become more thoughtful readers and writers. Through developing a visual awareness of how writers advance and support their positions in both fiction and non-fiction genres, logical connections emerge that inform a careful analysis, an active engagement with the text. Consequently, the heightened level of discourse transforms the quality of the classroom experience, equipping students of all perceived ability levels to truly learn from each other’s well-considered ideas.

ThinkerAnalytix has provided our high school students with rich experiences and skills in learning to reason analytically. Our student body is 99% students of color with most being first generation to attend college. ThinkerAnalytix provides a pathway to grappling with nuanced questions which have no multiple choice answer. This is invaluable for leveling the playing field for our youth as they enter college.

Our students have had the chance to engage in the ThinkerAnalytix’s program for nearly three years. The program has challenged students, who come in at different skill levels, philosophically and intellectually. Students coming out of the program have improved confidence and critical analysis skills and are often committed to spreading this program to other students via a summer internship. I once had a student insist that every student enrolled at our school take this course because it was simply life changing.

It was all such a new way of thinking! I remember wanting to keep discussing the concepts we learned even after the lesson was over.
I’ve mostly used skills from the internship in reading arguments online or listening to arguments from friends. I find myself questioning the conclusions they draw, and carefully reasoning out my own perspective for myself before responding.

Yes I have actually [used argument mapping], for my DBQ assignment of APUSH and an analytical essay for English.